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The word database is frowned upon because many people have been scammed and email is the first platform scammers go for. Well, these days scams are done over social media platforms and chat applications. However, the fact that many people get scammed via email is still an issue. This makes the solution complicated for frauds but absolutely beautiful for legitimate companies. As long as make an honest marketing attempt that complied with international marketing standards & regional law, you will make a killing from Email marketing with data.

The first thing you must understand is there are different types of emails. There are transactional emails, authentication emails, automated emails for invoices, renewals & more. Then you must understand that the communication is done between two parties here, email service providers for businesses and email service providers for consumers. One provides solutions for companies while the other providers solutions to people for personal use. Web hosting, Microsoft, and Google are some of the brands that provide email services for businesses while, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and many others provide the services for people’s personal use. For personal use it is mostly free, thus almost everyone has emails. Since everyone has emails and it is the chosen platform for business communications there are rules to consider. On one side you must look at the receiver end service providers & what they consider as legitimate email marketing, On the other side, you have to consider the general & technical emailing standards such as IP, number of emails being sent, and the list continues.

This, there are actually many things you have to pay attention to while doing an email campaign. We have split up this into 6 categories for you to have a better understanding on how to do email marketing with big data.

1. Software
2. Server
3. Email Gateways
4. Database
5. Content
6. Practices

For each category above we have written a separate article, do click on the categories above to find out more. You will for sure arrive at a better understanding of what email marketing with database is all about. If your questions are not addressed our website then feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist

Ninja Media offers a weekly webinar which addresses all questions on a 2 hours session via zoom.  You can sign up if you are interested to find out more on email marketing with database. 

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We started Ninja Media Pte Ltd in 2011 with big data marketing solutions as our core. Over the years we have refined and developed marketing solutions & strategies for companies with large databases. Learn how to do marketing with big data right.

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