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The word BIG does not make our solution important but the emphasis of importance should go to the actual solution itself, which is Email Marketing.

Email marketing is known to be the King of digital marketing. It is still the first preferred platform of communication on the digital platform. From account creation, notifications, password reset, billings, 2FA, Marketing newsletter & more, businesses prefer to use email platforms for communication. Chat applications are slowly coming into play, however, email still seems to be dominant for a mode of communication.

With this being said email is the best place to reach your customers. Email platform is absolutely something for all businesses that want to keep private & secure communication with their customers. Oh let’s not forget the private part. You can cater your messages & promotions according to different customers. I mean the list goes on if we start talking about the benefits of Email marketing and why it holds the title, King of Email Marketing.

Now we have established the fact that the platform itself is very important, the next question that seems to play a “big” role in success seems to be methods or practices of email marketing. When you have a platform that everyone uses it always comes with compliances for quality assurance. So there are many things in Email marketing that businesses are unable to get their hands on. Even many marketing staff that have marketing majors struggle to understand the technical aspects of the whole email world. Here is where Ninja Media happens to play a significate role.

Ninja Media was started by providing an Email Marketing solution for big data in 2011. The founder with an IT Software Engineering major completed his studies in 2010 and worked for a year in Singapore. Immediately in 2011 April Ninja Media was established as he sacks a huge lack of knowledge on how to do proper email marketing for big data in Singapore. Well, that remains in 2023 as many companies still have not figured out how to do email marketing property.

People have this perception, Ah it’s just emailed. Well exactly, IT IS EMAILS & everyone has it. And many businesses do not collect their customer’s data to keep a proper connection. In an SME thick market like Singapore, it is unfortunate that many don’t take advantage of the small land mass and vast opportunity by collecting their customer data & engage in proper digital campaigns. I guess this is one reason why foreigners from markets with bigger land masses seem to do very well in Singapore.

Well besides this natural situation for success in the Email marketing business, we have developed our very own practice with seems to work very well for many customers over 11 years of doing Email campaigns. We have also acquired targeted business email data to help customers increase their leads.

PDPA in Singapore is something that made the solution even better as many fraudulent campaigns had been stopped. So our PDPA complied email marketing solution in Singapore with business data is something that seems to be our customer’s pick and this is the reason why we have stayed in this business for over 11 years and grown other marketing solutions that work with big data like SMS, WhatsApp, and Letterbox.

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We started Ninja Media Pte Ltd in 2011 with big data marketing solutions as our core. Over the years we have refined and developed marketing solutions & strategies for companies with large databases. Learn how to do marketing with big data right.

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