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Email marketing solution has gone from stand-alone to being part of every CRM. It is even added as a feature inside many accounting software. Web developers almost never design a website without having a part for subscribers to our newsletter. Web hosting companies have default email marketing service providers installed inside. So we can say email marketing feature is something that is available almost in every solution which requires digital communication with their customers.

There are different types of solutions out there. Ninja media started in 2011 with a software-based email marketing solution that you need to install on your laptop. This method still has its advantage as the privacy of the data is fully taken care of because we store all information inside our workstation’s hard disk. These days everything is on the cloud, this means your data is not on your hard disk but on the hard disk of your service provider via cloud technology (meaning your data is still in a physical location and not in the actual thin air or ether). This makes it accessible from almost anywhere as long as you are connected to the majestic internet.

So before even looking for what are the solutions being offered in this vast world of digital email communication, it is wise to ask what is the business need. This will certainly land us at least 10 different solution providers with various solutions to meet the needs. However, if you are someone like our founder who is OBSESSED to know IT ALL about email marketing solutions then please attend our weekly webinar conducted by him. Contact us for more details on this.

Now let’s explore what are the basic needs businesses face to look at the solutions in the market that are considered decent by the users. Since you are here for our option, we will categorize a list of solutions based on the needs of the businesses according to our experience. Here is our list;

1. Authentication
2. For existing customers & communication via automation
3. Notifications
4. Marketing
5. And all others

Now everything that we have mentioned above here falls under the terminology email marketing. Software that run on your workstations where you have to install them is old trade which the businesses don’t develop anymore. So all solutions which offer decent support are available on a cloud-based platform which is known as SaaS solutions. Here is a list of vendors that are decent in our eyes.

1. Ninja Media’s Email Marketing Solution

Common, we are being humble here. In this list, we are about to give you we have decided to be the only one that provides both outsourcing or DIY solutions for email marketing.

2. Mailchimp

From a simple interface with easy-to-create email flyers, content management, and decent support, this makes it the go-to solution if you are new to email marketing and you wish to learn before doing your email marketing. Note this is done it yourself a based solution.

Note: For rest of the vendors listed below are all good in their own ways when it comes to dedicated email marketing service. They all provide solutions that can be integrated with most of the CRMs. Please visit their website to find out more about what they offer. 3. Eye Contact
4. Sendinblue
5. EmailOctopus

Why have we not mentioned famous brands like Salesforce, Zoho, or the famous “HubSpot”? Well, these guys do have not dedicated service providers & email marketing is an add-on feature on their platform. So you should be going to them if you are only looking for a CRM solution.

If you need assistance to pick good software for your email marketing goals, we would like to recommend Ninja Media’s Email marketing platform. We built it to give our customers the full freedom to do email marketing with complete control.

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