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Email content can be split into three things to better focus on items required while doing email marketing.  

1. Sender Name

2. Subject

3. Email Content

Sender Name

The sender name is the name of your brand which appears under the personas name when people receive an email. This is not where your email address shows up. The email address will show up after the email is opened next to your sender name. So let’s be clear that the sender’s name is not your email address.

A sender name should be a brand name that your customers are familiar with so they can instantly know it’s from your business. Also please don’t use special characters, all caps, and emojis in the sender’s name as they will give you spam points. Oh yes, spam point is given to all emails which decide if this email should be allowed. You can check out our article on how to avoid spam under best practices for more details.


The email subject is very important. This will determine if you the customer are going to open the email or delete it. You need to make sure the email speaks clarity to what is inside the email. If it’s authentication mention it. If it accounts for renewal then clearly mention that. If it’s a notification that is important mention it. If it w deal that you are offering then state it. To sum it up a good email subject is essential if you want a successful email campaign. Preplanned strategies for email marketing always end up as a success. A drip flow with content well planned ahead of time always works. Learn how to set up your email automation where every single one of your email campaigns is scheduled way ahead during our weekly webinar.

Email Content

There are many things you need to consider when it comes to email marketing. Firstly you need to understand what is allowed technically in an email. Text, Images, background color, tables, and hyperlinks. Pretty much this is all you get in an email. You have to use your HTML skills and work around it. Picking a good email builder always helps. Testing it out on different service providers is also something you must do as different email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo display email differently.

Once you know what you can do then you can decide what content you want to put inside. The basic practice for an EDM is to have all the text in the text form and images in image format.  Buttons should be clear and you should have too many different URLs inside. Certain keywords must be avoided at all costs so you don’t get flagged. Your tracker must be inside along with opt-out options. A clear call to action must be started inside along with the main message that you wish to convey.

There are different types of email content. I guess you would know what to say if it’s an email that was sent for creating an account or renewal of service. Most customers seek assistance with content when it comes to their promotion flyer and what to say on it. At our weekly webinar, we go through various email designs that have worked for different industries based on our case study. Feel free to join us to get more info on getting some tips on coming up good content that works for your business.

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