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You got good software, you got yourself a decent dedicated server and your email gateway is customized. But all this would be of no use if your email database is not properly set up. Even if you have the technical part covered you also need to look into the legal compliance part such as the data protection act. For example, in Singapore, there is a department named PDPA that sets the rules for data usage. If you miss this part then you may get into trouble even if you are into an honest business. Let’s look at both sides of the database, Technical, and Legal.

1. Technical

When it comes to databases you first need to ensure they are valid. Many people type in their emails wrong when they signup. Some business still collects their customer data on paper. Let’s not forget the hard work salespeople put in by gathering emails for marketing from different sources. Basically, what we are saying is you need to verify all your emails before you use them on any email marketing platforms so you can ensure zero hard bounce. IPs have a reputation and you have to maintain such a reputation that your emails are always allowed in customer’s inboxes.

This is one of the main steps that many businesses do not take, therefore their email campaigns don’t become successful. There are many ways to verify your emails. If you have a property automation setup then each time you add an email address a verification process is already in place which ensures that your customer’s email is valid. If it is not then it will remove this email from the list.

Like this, there are a few other key technical aspects that you need to pay attention to when it comes to email databases. Feel free to attend our weekly webinar to find out all angles that you need to cover when it comes to email databases.

2. Legal

After covering the technical side you need to so sure to ensure you have taken care of the legal aspect. Firstly, you need to understand this is not determined by an “international body”. This law is determined by the country your business is operating under. For instance, in Singapore, the email marketing laws are different from Europe or America/Canada. So, make sure you look at the laws carefully in different regions.

Ninja Media is Singapore based and only does campaigns with data for Singapore. We have gathered close to 380,000 Singapore Business contacts over the 11 years of doing business in Singapore. All our contacts are strictly business emails and we are fully company with the Singapore PDPA email marketing act.

Do check out pointers 5.21 & 5.24 on the official PDPA website.

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