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Email gateway services are something like email credits. Just like how you have a channel for an SMS to reach your phone, likewise in email, you have a channel to reach your email. This channel or gateway determines the type of email that is sent on this channel. For instance, notification, authentication, marketing, and others. For each type of email, there are a different sets of rules. Many SaaS service providers do not highlight this factor.

Over at Ninja Media, we offer an email marketing solution with a private and customized email gateway that gives you email credits suitable for the type of email you are sending. Reaching your customer’s inbox is always a priority. You can have the best practice with email marketing but if you are sending via a shared gateway with shared IP then the chances of your email campaign reaching your customer’s inbox will be compromised.

There are many service providers in the market that only focus on email credits. Then you have companies like Ninja Media which provides the complete setup where even the type of email credits is chosen carefully to ensure the success of your campaign.

Below are three email gateway providers that you can consider besides Ninja Media:
1. Sendgrid
3. Mailgun

Remember if you are choosing to opt-in for email gateways then you need to have an option on your email marketing software that allows you to send via another SMTP. Also, you have to ensure that your service providers issue sender verification and domain authentication.

Besides the inbox rate, there are many other benefits of having a separate email gateway compare to your servers’ gateway or shared IPs. For example, when you use this method you can completely avoid your main website or your work email being affected by any blacklisting. Companies that do email marketing consistently do not want their domain name being blacklisted by their customers as it happens frequently. So, using an email gateway helps you prevent this at all costs.

Join our weekly webinar where you can find more details on the impact email credits can have on your email marketing campaign and increase your email marketing returns.

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