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Ninja Media is known to provide email marketing solutions for customers with big data. So, for us, this question might not come as a surprise. However, too many, questions will arise why a server is even needed for email marketing.

Many customers that work with a small number of email data will never need a server. Or when you use a SaaS service provider you also won’t need a server. All that you need to run your campaigns would come inside your SaaS service. However not every company prefers to use SaaS providers and servers play a role in this decision.

For instance, let’s take a company that has its own dedicated server. This company prefers to keep all its data on its in-house physical server. For this situation. the company would look for all solutions that can run on their server, even accounting software. Major email marketing SaaS brands can never provide a solution for such companies. They could customize the account for their clients but only on their server. Since the company has to upload its data on someone else server it would defeat its purpose of protecting its data and keeping everything in-house in control. These types of companies always look for solution providers who allow their software/products to be installed on a private server of the customers. Now Ninja Media’s automated email marketing software can be installed on clients’ servers. Our solution is well projected with a (which keeps our software protected from being hacked) so our customers can enjoy full control over their email marketing on their server without having to worry about their data security.

Now there are other important situations where companies go for a private server. Many companies want to have full control over their email marketing. They want to ensure that all their emails end up in spam folders and they want to control the number of emails going, the rotation of IPs, hosting images, drip flows, their automation such as reminders, their authentication such as account creation, and the list goes on. When you have software, which can be hosted on a private server, you get the power of the SaaS company itself in your hands. Of course, you have to be sure of the right email marketing practices and have a clear technical understanding of how to set up. So, this method is used widely more companies that have a big email list. This method tends to save a lot of costs and also increase their email marketing results.

Most IT consultants provide solutions for companies that look for such a setup as they are willing to spend a bomb to get their email marketing right. Over at Ninja Media, we have a custom setup package where we issue a physical server in Singapore that is email marketing ready with all other setups which are required of a SaaS company. Our software is installed on this server and handed over to our clients. Our customers get full access and ownership over the server and the software comes with lifetime usage. We provide training and dedicated support to such companies that sign up for the custom email marketing setup. Talk to us today to get your own private server-based email marketing setup for your company. 

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