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The word database is frowned upon because many people have been scammed and email is the first platform scammers go for. Well, these days scams are done over social media platforms and chat applications. However, the fact that many people get scammed via email is still an issue. This makes the solution complicated for frauds […]

Email content can be split into three things to better focus on items required while doing email marketing.   1. Sender Name 2. Subject 3. Email Content Sender Name The sender name is the name of your brand which appears under the personas name when people receive an email. This is not where your email […]

You got good software, you got yourself a decent dedicated server and your email gateway is customized. But all this would be of no use if your email database is not properly set up. Even if you have the technical part covered you also need to look into the legal compliance part such as the […]

Email marketing solution has gone from stand-alone to being part of every CRM. It is even added as a feature inside many accounting software. Web developers almost never design a website without having a part for subscribers to our newsletter. Web hosting companies have default email marketing service providers installed inside. So we can say […]

The word BIG does not make our solution important but the emphasis of importance should go to the actual solution itself, which is Email Marketing. Email marketing is known to be the King of digital marketing. It is still the first preferred platform of communication on the digital platform. From account creation, notifications, password reset, […]

Email gateway services are something like email credits. Just like how you have a channel for an SMS to reach your phone, likewise in email, you have a channel to reach your email. This channel or gateway determines the type of email that is sent on this channel. For instance, notification, authentication, marketing, and others. […]

Ninja Media is known to provide email marketing solutions for customers with big data. So, for us, this question might not come as a surprise. However, too many, questions will arise why a server is even needed for email marketing. Many customers that work with a small number of email data will never need a […]

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We started Ninja Media Pte Ltd in 2011 with big data marketing solutions as our core. Over the years we have refined and developed marketing solutions & strategies for companies with large databases. Learn how to do marketing with big data right.

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